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What is School Direct?

School Direct is a school-based model of initial teacher training where you learn on the job. School groups work in partnership with one another and a university to deliver dynamic programmes of practical learning and academic study, allowing trainees to develop their skills and prepare for their career in teaching.  Trainees gain a PGCE and QTS after their training year, allowing them to teach in schools across the UK and around the world.


Our programme

We are very proud of our long standing partnership with the University of Derby, an experienced provider of school-based initial teacher training, with whom we offer the tuition-only route of Primary School Direct (Course Code 24ZM) at Postgraduate Certificate of Education level. Our programmes were judged as “outstanding” by Ofsted in November 2015.

Our School Direct programme is heavily focussed on gaining practical hands on experience of being a teacher in the classroom; you will be working in school from day one. This is supplemented by weekly study days, led by experienced lecturers from the University of Derby in collaboration with a range of experts from our local schools. Trainees do not need to travel to Derby for study days – these take place at a venue in Northampton and it is only necessary to travel to Derby up to four times throughout the year.

The taught and assessed element of the programme is highly structured and sets out weekly expectations upon the student, the school-based mentor and the school as a whole, so that the student gradually assumes more whole class teaching responsibility as the programme progresses. Course and training materials are clear and well structured so that our students know what is expected of them at all times.


School Direct Route

TUITION-ONLY ROUTE **Please note we no longer run any salaried PGCE programmes**

Also referred to as the Non-Salaried route, this is a school-led, one-year initial teacher training programme that equips our trainees with a wealth of classroom experience, a PGCE and QTS, subject to successful completion of the programme. No prior work experience required although experience in school is highly desired. 

You will work closely with an experienced mentor and will undertake school placements in contrasting settings. Whilst you are a part of the team from day one, you will work alongside the class teacher and you are not expected to teach classes independently until you and your school feel you are ready.

Places are self-funded; you have to pay tuition fees of £9,250 (subject to change) to University of Derby, our training provider.


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