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Outreach Charging Policy 2021-2022

The cost to the supported school will be calculated on a daily rate or pro rata for half days. The time commitment will be set out in the deployment agreement. The rate of support has been agreed across Teaching Schools in our region and is as follows:

Type of Leader

Supported School Cost

15% Payment to Fairfields Alliance

Payment to SLE/Practitioner school

SLE/ Practitioner

£350 per day

£52.50 per day

£297.50 per day

Senior Practitioner


£450 per day


£67.50 per day


£382.50 per day


As shown in the above table, a brokerage fee will be factored into each transaction. The fee will be used to cover the costs incurred by Fairfields Alliance of administration, monitoring and evaluation.

Fairfields Alliance is part of Fairfields School, Northampton. All financial transactions relating to SLE/Practitioners will pass through the finance department at Fairfields School, who will raise invoices to the supported schools for the total cost. In turn, SLE/Practitioners will need to ensure that their base school raises an invoice to Fairfields Alliance to cover the costs, as defined in the deployment agreement, incurred by the absence of the SLE/Practitioner.


  1. The scope of the deployment is set out in the Deployment Agreement, which includes the number of contracted days.
  2. The Alliance will invoice the client school for the full cost as soon as the Deployment Agreement document has been signed.  Payment must be made in advance, within 28 days of the invoice.
  3. It is the responsibility of the home school to invoice the Alliance within 28 days of the first visit of the SLE/Practitioner.
  4. The Alliance will reimburse the home school for the full cost of the deployment within 28 days of the invoice date.


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