Specialist Leaders in Education

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are leaders identified by the National College as being able to provide exceptional support to schools in need within their specialist areas. SLEs have to apply through the National College and go through a selection, assessment and monitoring process before they are allowed to deliver support to schools. SLEs are leaders who share knowledge and best practice to help other teachers and schools improve. There are many benefits for individuals too, and their schools, to becoming an SLE, including:

  • Opportunities to work independently, to be creative and try out new ideas.
  • Development of coaching and facilitation skills.
  • Opportunity to network with peers.
  • Experience of different school environments.
  • The chance to learn from ideas and approaches used in other schools.

Leading SENCo

Our Leading SENCos are a fantastic team of experts in the field of SEND and Inclusion. Many have their own specialist areas of interest within SEND e.g. Dyslexia, Communication, Autism, Assessment. They are on hand to provide bespoke training and individual or group support in a wide variety of areas.

If you are interested in finding out more about registering with us as a Leading SENCo or expert in your field, please get in touch: 

To enquire about support from a specialist practitioner, or the types of support available, please contact us on 01604 714777 or via email.

Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE’s) 


  • Rachel Edkins (Falconers Hill Infants) - PP Reviewer
  • Nicola Holland (Billing Brook School)
  • Lesley Tobin (Boothville Primary)
  • Lesley Elder (Fairfields School)
  • Liz Doughty (Hopping Hill)
  • Carol Bull (Spring Lane)
  • Ann-Marie Hughes (Fairfields School)

Leading SENCOs [* denotes also SLEs]

  • Heidi Redman (Headlands Primary)
  • Sally Humphrey (Roade Primary)
  • Karen Smith (Headlands Primary)
  • Karen Jeffs (Croyland Primary)


  • Marion McClelland* (Consultanct)
  • Rachel Creamer (Accelerate Education) 


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